News from the Loup

As ofJanuary 18, 2020 we are open for the season.

We are back to normal operating schedule of Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun until the President’s Day holiday where we will be open everyday from the 14th through the 23rd. All chairs will be operating as of this Wednesday. First chair at 9 AM.

Help us build the new Loup Lodge!

GoFundMe Community Challenge

Fifty years ago the Wolf Den Lodge was built to get people out of the elements, and give them a place to have a meal and warm up before the next run. The time has come to replace the Lodge, and refresh the school, rental, and repair facilities, too.

Go Fund Me Every dollar counts and moves us closer to our goal of a new Lodge for Winter 2020/21. Please click the GoFundMe button and support the Loup with your “Community Challenge” donation.

For more info and other ways to donate, please visit The Next 50 Campaign.

Little Buck Mountain

Please check our Conditions page or The Mountain page for additional mountain updates.

Wild Wolf Tube Hill
Learn about our In-Season Uphill Policy

NOTE: Uphill and downhill travel on Little Buck Mountain is prohibited, except as written in our Uphill Policy.

Bear Mountain Luge Experience

Loup Loup was excited to introduce Luge Sledding to the Northwest last season and is indeed the very first area in the Western U.S. to offer Luge Sledding.

Snowcat service to the Upper Bear Mountain trail system provides access for Luge sledders, featuring a ride up of 5 km and more than 1200’ of elevation gain. The Bear Mountain trails are accessible from the Loup Loup parking lot, allowing for Luge sledders to ride more than 12 km of groomed trails.

Visit the Bear Mountain Luge Experience page for details.

Sledding for grown-ups | The Seattle Times

Luge SleddingYou’ve seen it during the Winter Olympics, but did you know that recreational luge sledding is a thing? With a new run at the Methow Valley’s Loup Loup Ski Bowl, writer Jeff Layton put it to the test. The result? A real-life game of Mario Kart that’s surprisingly kid-friendly.

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