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Not Just For Olympians: Luge Sledding Comes To The Northwest | NW News Network

Luge SleddingNow that the Winter Olympics have you pumped about snow sports, you might head into the hills for some real, live athletic feats. Conveniently, a ski area in north central Washington state has set up a luge sledding course.

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We are open every day from 9:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. through February 25, then back to our normal operating schedule; Wednesdays and Fridays – Sunday through the month of February.

Check out our new luge Snowcat service, open weekends only, for luge sledding down Bear Mt. Our first Cat ride is at 9:30 a.m. We’re holding clinics and demonstrations on weekends. Come on up and experience this fun sport. We recommend calling our ticket office the day before you plan to visit to pre-book your seat.

Our Tube Hill is open every day during the Presidents Holiday week.

It’s a great time to tune up your snowboarding or skiing by taking a lesson. Our Retail and Rental Shop will also be open for tuning your boards. Take a look at our new Loup logo hoodies, hats, googles and vests.

Little Buck Mountain

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Wild Wolf Tube Hill
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NOTE: Uphill and downhill travel on Little Buck Mountain is prohibited, except as written in our Uphill Policy.

NEW! Bear Mountain Luge Experience

We are excited to introduce Luge Sledding to the Northwest. Snowcat service to the Upper Bear Mountain trail system will provide access for Luge sledders, featuring a ride up of 5 km and more than 1200’ of elevation gain. The Bear Mountain trails are accessible from the Loup Loup parking lot, allowing for Luge sledders to ride more than 12 km of groomed trails.

Visit the Bear Mountain Luge Experience page for details.

Nordic Trails

Bear Mountain Luge Experience: Open Weekends Only
Flat Loop & South Summit Trails: Open
NOTE: Grooming occurs early Friday each week, conditions permitting. Beware for logging operations and log trucks on parts of Trail #9 and Clear Cut.