COVID-19 Operations

Last updated January 24, 2021

We understand it is our community and greater global responsibility to facilitate area operations in as healthy and as safe a manner as possible, within the CDC health guidelines given during COVID-19.

This is our responsibility as a business, and also as individual members of our greater communities. Following CDC heath guidelines will also be your responsibility through frequent hand washing, wearing a mask over your nose and mouth, and maintaining social distancing. Above all, if you feel sick or have been exposed to COVID we ask that you stay home.

That said, we wanted to share our current COVID management plans with you:

• Operating Schedule •

We are on our normal schedule of Weds/Fri/Sat/Sun until the President’ Day week- we will be open February 12-21st.

We will resume our normal schedule though the first weekend of March. The weekend of March 12th-14th we will be open all 3 days.

Following that we will only be open Saturday and Sunday through our projected last day of March 28th. This schedule may change depending on snow, ski patrol availability or other reasons. This is also subject to local, state and federal regulations regarding COVID.

• Daily Operations •

Every one of us maintaining reasonable and safe COVID practices at the ski area is essential to our ability to operate for you this winter, as well as maintain the jobs the ski area provides for our employees. It is also vital to helping all of us move beyond COVID. We ask and expect everyone to be respectful of all mountain policies, including new and changing COVID policies. Failure to do so will result in your being asked to leave the ski area. Repeated offense will result in losing your pass or ticket priveledges

Facemasks will be required in all indoor facilities like the bathrooms and rental shop. They are also required for the line at the burger cart

• Cleaning & Sanitation •

We have adopted cleaning and disinfection strategies for all areas of our operation, including high-touch areas such as restrooms, the day lodge/dining facilities, ticket offices, and rental shops. We will clean these areas after high traffic periods or more as needed. All cleaning products used will follow CDC and EPA guidance on agents which are effective against COVID-19. We have hired staff specifically to santize all surfaces and hight contact areas routinely throughout the day.

Hand sanitizer will be available in the day lodge and rental shop.

• Ski Lifts •

A facemask will be required in the lift lines and on the chair. Distancing of 6 feet will be required in all lift lines. We will only be loading 2 passengers per quad chair unless you are with people from your family or living situation (your “bubble”).

• Rental Shop •

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to expand the rental shop this summer. That will allow for more people and easier throughput, although the number of people admitted to the shop will be limited to 5 at a time. Rentals can be reserved and paid for with an on-line rental form to minimize the time you and the staff spend interacting. There will be no storage of personal items other than footwear in the rental shop this season.

• Day Lodge & Food Service •

We are fortunate to have the opportunity in our new lodge to expand the day lodge capacity by 50% this summer. No indoor seating is available as the lodge is still under construction. The cafe will not operate this season but we have a concessionaire in place.

We would like to encourage people to use your car as your lodge, parked socially distant from others.

• Parking and tailgating •

Please park with 6 feet of distance between you and nearby vehicles. Guests will be expected to leave our facilities immediately after they are done skiing or riding to avoid over crowding and congestion. Evening gatherings in the parking lot will unfortunately need to wait until next season.

• Snowsports School •

We may not be able to offer all our normal programming due to social distancing requirements. At this point, the Tots Program will not be offered due the need for the Instructors to be hands on with the students in order to get them up the rope tow- it been replaced by a private lesson program called Mommy/Daddy and Me. Group lesson size will also be limited – that number is 5. Lessons may not always be available due to lack of instructor availability. It is strongly suggested you reserve a lesson in advance using our on-line lesson request form.

• Ticket Office & Season’s Passes •

The administrative office will be closed to the public and all business will be conducted at the ticket window.

• The Luge •

Advance reservations are required and payment is also due in advance. We will only be booking Luge groups that share the same living situation and the minimum group size will be four. Advance reservations are required, and payment is also due in advance. Luge check in and release signing will occur outdoors at the Luge Shed. A facemask will be required during training and the cat ride.

• Ski Patrol •

Our resident physician has developed polices and procedures in conjunction with the National Ski Patrol for patient care and transport.

For the latest on COVID-19 in Okanogan County visit the county’s web page.

We are having a great season at the Loup, even if it looks very different than years past. We look forward to seeing you on the hill!