Bear Mountain Luge Experience

Luge Sledding Luge Sledding operates on weekends and holiday weeks throughout the season.

The Loup offers free instructional clinics on how to Luge Sled safely. Luge Sledding is a physical activity which does involve some walking and requires some level of fitness. Like any snowsport there is risk associated with luging.

Snowcat service to the Upper Bear Mountain trail system provides access for Luge Sledders, featuring a ride up of 5 km and more than 1200’ of elevation gain.

Luge Sledding is popular in Europe, and provides another recreational option at The Loup for outdoor winter enthusiasts.

  • Luge Sledding differs significantly from Olympic Luge, which uses artificial banked tracks, while Luge Sledding uses existing non-banked groomed trails.
  • Luge Sledding offers family-oriented, steerable sleds with single and double options.
  • Luge Sledding is easy to learn, challenging to master and exciting to ride.
  • Luge Sledding connects to the natural environment on a groomed trail system all can enjoy.

Book a Luge Reservation

Reservation Information

  1. Reservations are per household, however same day walk-ups may be added if your group is less than 8.
  2. When planning your ride, please keep in mind that children 6-9 years old must ride with an adult. Children aged 10 and above may ride solo upon approval. No children under the age of 6.
  3. The price of the base reservation will be $200.00, or $50 per person times four seats.
  4. One additional seat is available per luge reservation time in the additional sledders section, after the base reservation is selected, at $50 per person. This one additional seat is only available as an add-on to the base reservation, which means that after the base reservation is made.
  5. A Liability Release form is included at the time of booking so guests will have visibility of this release form at the time of their booking. Signature of the Release Form will be required at the mountain just prior to the luge reservation.
  6. Refund Policy. If the ski area cancels your appointment you’ll receive a full refund. If you cancel, a full refund is only available if cancellation is done 48-hours in advance. No refunds can be given overwise.
  7. Throughout the Bear Mountain Luge Experience, you will be hosted by two volunteer guides and a snowcat driver.
  8. If your preferred date appears booked, send email to to get on the waitlist.