Loup Loup Alpine Ski Team

We are sorry to announce the 2022 Wolf Chase Race has been canceled. Hope to see you racing in 2023!

LOUP Race Team offers a ski race program for athletes ages 6-16.

Whether you are new to racing or coming back for more, we hope to instill the love of skiing while teaching basic race technique. Skiers need to be able to comfortably parallel turn down Ridge Run at the LOUP and ride the chairlift without an adult.

Questions? Please contact us at loupskiteam@gmail.com

2022 Program

• Mail-in Registration •

Please send your Registration Form and Release Agreement to:

Loup Ski Team
PO Box 246
Twisp, WA 98856

• Season Pass •

Youth 7-12 TBA
Teen 13-19 TBA

• Program Fees •

$295 for first athlete
$205 for second

• Schedule •

First practice is Saturday, January 1st. Program runs Saturdays and Sundays (9 a.m. to 2 p.m.) through the end of February.

2022 Races

Not mandatory, but they sure are fun!
Wolf Chase • February 12-13, 2022