The Next 50 Campaign

The Campaign

As of 2019, Loup Loup Ski Bowl has been operating for over 60 years!

People who skied at the Loup as children are now skiing there with their grandchildren. And a few with their great-grandchildren. There are very few places you can take your grandkids that remain essentially the same – the same mountain, the same sport, the same values of participation and giving back. And the same fun to share between generations!

We’re looking at the next 50 years – it’s our turn to make a difference.

1960s Loup BrochureFifty years ago the Wolf Den Lodge was built to get people out of the elements, and give them a place to have a meal and warm up before the next run. The Lodge was built with a plan that it would last 20 years. It’s done far more than it was designed to!

The time has come to replace the Lodge, and refresh the school, rental, and repair facilities. To do that we need your help! To see what we have in mind, view/download some of our plans [4MB PDF].

This is a fast campaign – we intend to raise $1 million by May of 2020, so we can build the Lodge for the winter of ’20 and ’21. Every donation counts – and if you are able to use your donation as a tax break, be aware that you can make it over two years. Both in the second half of 2019, and the first half of 2020.

We’re approaching the $750,000 mark of our $1 million campaign. Now it’s up to the rest of us! Your gift really does matter to your Loup. Thank you!

I Want to Help!

Here’s how you can do your part and make a difference!

1960s Loup Brochure Info

• Donate to our GoFundMe Community Challenge.

Go Fund Me

• Make on an online donation with PayPal or your credit card.

• Mail a check to Loup Loup Ski Education Foundation, PO Box 1187 Twisp, WA 98856.

• Or just make a phone call, if you’d like to make your donation in person. To talk about other forms of support, please call Craig Howard in Winthrop • (509) 449-0608.

Regardless of how you make your gift know that you will receive a tax receipt for your records.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s going to happen to the lodge?

The lodge will be entirely replaced with a lodge that’s 50% larger, and is connected to the admin building, as well as to the bathrooms. This will also expand and improve the restaurant facilities.

What about the rental, repair, and retail shop facilities?

Everything will improve! We’re expanding some facilities, removing the Green Bus, and refreshing everything in that structure. This will provide better facilities, and it will improve the bottom line of the Loup overall, helping it to be self-supporting.

Is this being done to attract a lot more people?

The Loup has grown slowly over the years, and the weekends can be pretty crowded in the lodge. Growth isn’t the real goal – serving the current population who uses the Loup is the plan.

So the restaurant is going to get bigger and better – does that mean there will be beer and wine available?

We’re working on that possibility, and it looks likely that the new lodge will have beer and wine available.

A million dollars is a lot of money – will this impact the price of tickets?

This is why we’re having a special campaign – The Next 50. By raising this money through a campaign, we will not impact the cost of tickets and other services.

How about mountain biking in the summer, or special events like weddings, or back country horse riding?

We’re working on the necessities right now: until the new facilities are built, nothing else can happen. That’s why this campaign is so important. It will open the door to a lot of other possible uses of the Loup during other months of the year.

Once the campaign and build-out is complete, we’ll start looking at other possibilities, like refitting the lift to accommodate bicycles, and other great ideas.

What’s the timeframe for all of this?

We are raising $1 million by May of 2020, when building will begin. Our goal is to complete the work by October of 2020.

There are a lot of really good ideas of how to make the Loup an even better recreation area. Until the Next 50 campaign is complete, nothing else can happen. Please help us get this done – every donation counts!

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